Sooo the boat just got selected! – And it’s pretty exiting we are 2 girls from Jutland, and 2 from the area around Copenhagen, so that’s pretty smart. We’re gonna train together in the weekends – we already know that we’ll be going to the Nordic Championships, and European Championships (if we’re the fastest in Denmark – but I’m pretty sure we are). We have to row fast enough to get to Worlds – I’m pretty sure we are, but I’m not a 100% sure, in 3 weeks we’ll know if we’re going to worlds.


Here I’m in the 3 seat –  I’m pretty sure I’m gonna end up in the 2 or 3 seat  – because our trainer says I’m the strongest so I’m going to be one of the motors in the boat. I’m looking forward to this season in a team boat – now we’ll se what’s going to happen but we’re gonna train the best we’ve learned, to make sure we go to worlds!!




From the single to the quad

This past weekend I was in Copenhagen for the 1st 2k outdoor regatta in 2016, this year I’m hoping to get selected for junior worlds. At the start of this year i was told that there wasn’t going to be a 1x for worlds this year, and that’s why I’ve been rowing 2x, the past months. In Denmark we have a junior girl 2x, that has been rowing together for 5 years, we came close to beating them, but we didn’t.

Now I’m on the quad, the boat hasn’t been set yet, but the girl i rowed with and me, we’ve already been told that we are on the boat – now we just have to see who the other 2 girls are going to be (but we have out favourites).

It has been weird going from the single to a team boat, I just read an interview with Kim (Crow) Brennan, and she describes it pretty well, even though she actually had a difficult time going into the single, and not into the team boat like I have:

“There’s something indescribably special about a whole crew working together. In the single sculls, everything that happens in the boat is because of you. You have a clarity of assessment because your performance is entirely up to you. It took me ten years of my career to be ready to accept the fullness of honesty of the single scull.”

I like what she’s saying about a whole team working together, because that’s one thing I’ve missed in my single. The team spirit, other people counting on you – and if you win in a team boat, you have someone to share it with, that’s something i hated in the single. When I won Baltic cup, no one had seen it coming, and I was so happy, but I was happy alone, because no one else had shared my experience, I had no one to talk about the race with, that’s something I’ve missed in the single.

“Single sculling holds you to account. It is a very difficult boat to row. It’s very narrow and particularly hard in tricky conditions if you get wind or roll, it’s possible to fall in. So I think any little mistake is amplified in a single scull and the feedback is so instantaneous. It’s the ultimate boat for taking responsibility for your own actions.”

Something I’m going to miss about the single, it tells you exactly how good YOU are, and not how good the team is. I think that is one thing I’m a bit frustrated about,  because I have no idea how good I am in the single. I’m a control freak, and that’s probably why I’m having a difficult time in the quad, because I have no control! In the single I’m responsible for everything! And I like that, because then I only have one person to blame, myself.

I’m going to give it all I’ve got, and I might be frustrated but I’m going to lean, and I’m sure it’s going to help me in the future!


What happened the past year?

What did I win in 2015?

My year 2015 was a year with ups and downs, I rowed the single scull the whole year, and here is a list of the things I won :

  • The U19 Nordic championships in 1x
  • The U17 National championship in 1x
  • Baltic cup 2000m and 500m in 1x
  • The U19 National championship in 1x

The year started pretty bad, I didn’t get a chance to show what I could do in the 1x, an then all of a sudden they had made the 4x that was going to Junior Worlds in Rio, and I didn’t get a chance to get on the boat, even-though I know I could beat at least 2 of the rowers on the boat, in the 1x. That was one of the downs of my year, after that, they told os that the 4x was the only boat going to Rio, but a few weeks later they selected a 2x as well. After that I was pissed, so I rowed the 2x with a girl from Copenhagen and at the Sorø regatta we beat the 2x who were selected for Rio, bur unfortunately it was to late.

But some good things happened as well this year, I was selected to go to Norway for the Nordic championships, and I won, it was so amazing, I didn’t expect it at all.Skærmbillede 2015-12-30 kl. 12.01.16

Then at Baltic Cup, I was certain I wouldn’t beat the German boat, but in the pre-heats I actually got really close and I started thinking, maybe I can beat her? The final: I made a good start and got out in front, but I kept thinking she is going to get me in just a minute. We were pretty much side by side all the way down the course, but I was always a little bit in front of her, in the middle there were a strong wind from the port side, but I kept thinking: “You just have to get the rhythm you have, when rowing at home, when you are training.” In Jonkjöping there is this bridge when you have about 300m to go, and when I was under the bridge I started thinking, I can do this! I’m going to win! I just kept pushing and pushing, and i won, by 1 second. That was awesome!

Skærmbillede 2015-09-28 kl. 11.11.52

A week later there were Nationals, and I finally got to row in the 1x against the girls who went to rio. In the pre-heats I rowed very slow on purpose, I only just got into the A-final, but in the final I just gave it all, and I won by almost 10 seconds! It was great I finally got to prove that I am the best.


That’s about it for the outdoor rowing season 2015, but I was also nominated for talent of the year in my city….. and guess what


I won


My quote of the year must be “Nothing is so bad, it isn’t good for something”

Because the year that started bad, turned out good – and it’s probably the best year of rowing I’ve had so far.




The winter season started…..❄⛄

The winter season started a month ago… And I have been strength training, erging and doing core training.
It is soo hard, everyday I come home from training and I just want to sleep….. I fell like sleeping all the time😴
Last season I improved a lot and the past month i havent felt like improving at all….. I talked to my trainer today and he said i shoulden’t ekspect to improve that much this year…..:'( but i think I am going to participate at the European Indoor Championships in january:) this year it is held in Amsterdam, last year it was in Copenhagen and I won the silver so I am pretty exited to see how it goes….:)💜


Baltic Cup 2014✨

Last weekend, the baltic cup 2014 was held at the bagsværd sø, in Copenhagen, Denmark. We were on home ground, that was pretty nice.

The first day were very windy, but we survived our preheat, and won. 😀 In the finals, there were some very strong boats. We did all we could but we just weren’t strong enuf, we were so small compered too the big German and Estonian boats!! They were gigantic!! We got a 4. Place it was nice!

The second day it was the 500 meters…… 500 metes in hell… Because we are so small compared to all the others, and we were in the hardest preheat ever, we didn’t make it to the A-final. In the B-final we were 2. So all in all we got a 8. Place……:( But that just proved we wouldn’t have made it in the A-final so it is okay…..

I took this picture of an oar…. And guess what…. @worldrowingofficial reposted it on instagram! = Fame! 😀


I changed uni with a girl from Norway… It is petty nice



National Team👌

Hey everybody it has been a while, I’m sorry, but i have been so busy lately. I have been training, I got on The Danish National Team!! 😱❤️

It is a Regatta called Baltic Cup, and because it is held in Denmark this year, Denmark can have both a 1. And a 2. Team. We are on the 2. But those who are on the 1. Team were at the Junior World Championships in Hamburg (if it had been any other year, they wouldn’t have been able to participate.) We only lost by 0,8 seconds, and that is way better than we had hoped for…👌❤️

Look at the pictures beneath👇 it is the national uni and the other clothes you get on the National Team…👌 I think it is pretty nice😍




National Championships 2014

last weekend I were at Nationals, I didn’t have many expectations because I had just trained a whole week 2 Times a day, so I was kinda tired…..

Me and my team mate Sarah were only rowing 2x sunday, so saturday i rowed 1x junior A (U19) and junior B (U17) and im 14…..

The Junior B was kind of hard, or i just though it would be very hard. But i won with 10 seconds down to the 2. Place and 20 seconds down to nr 3. I was very surprised and happy 😉

I also won the junior A with 20 seconds very surprising 😉

Sunday i also won the junior B 1x and then we won the junior B 2x…..

I brought home 4 golden medals and a national champion T-shirt, very nice achievement 🙂

Now I am looking forward to Aarhus open in 1 1/2 weeks 😉

Some nice pictures underneath 😉




Sorø/Nordic Campionships

I was very exited……. I had no idea what those Swedish and Norwegian people could do😱

But as always it ended with happy ever after 👏

1. First day we won our 2x with like 8 lengths…..of course😏

Then in 1x i didn’t get to the A final because of a bad race….. But i won the B final with 4-6 lengths so thats ok👍

2. Day we won our 2x race again👏 as expected…😊

The 1x i won…. Amazing….. Then i showed those people that i deserved the A final 🙌



Hamburg regatta

Hamburg regatta

Two weeks ago I were in Hamburg, I rowed 2x and 1x.
In the 2x we got a 2. place the 1. day, and a 5. place the 2. day (only 0.03sek from 4).
In my 1x race i also got a 2. place the 1. day, and a 3. place the 2. day.

It was very good, I thought we would get beaten by all those fat germans!!…..But we didn’t!! 😀
The girls we almost got beaten by in Copenhagen, they lost the hole thing!! they got 6. place and the baddest time…. I think me and Sarah did a great job 😀

Now i am very exited too se how we do in 2 weeks. In 2 weeks we are going to the Nordic Championships, it is held in Sorø a Danish city. I am soo exited too see how wee do!! 😀

Me and Sarah in 2x !!

Me and a girl named Sarah, is rowing 2x together!!❤️ it is so nice she is very sweet and fun, i like rowing with her.

Last weekend we were rowing a regatta in Copenhagen, we won 2 silver medals together!!😱👏 It is amazing, we have only rowed together for 1 month!!😱❤️
I think we can do good together, if we just continue what we are doing now.👏❤️ there might actually be a chance for us to join the national u18 team!!😱❤️

I also rowed 1x last weekend, and got a silver!💪 I think that is pretty nice to!👍😄